Authors and narrators celebrated at six Storytel Awards galas

27 March 2024

The Storytel Awards season has concluded. Authors and narrators have been celebrated and honored at the galas in Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo, Reykjavik, and Amsterdam.
More than 60 statuettes have been awarded to the storytellers behind the stories that moved, informed, and entertained the audiobook listeners the most in 2023.


The Storytel Awards season kicked off in Amsterdam on February 29 and concluded last week in Reykjavik. Six successful galas have been held to honor and celebrate authors and narrators in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands/Belgium, Norway, and Iceland.
The largest audiobook award in the Nordics engages audiobook listeners. This year in Denmark, a voting record was set in the public voting where this year's finalists were selected, and in Sweden, well over 61,000 votes were received.

– It’s truly amazing to see how great stories move the world, and we are proud to make literature available to people when, where and how they want it. We are also immensely proud of hosting this annual event to celebrate the very best storytellers out there. We want to thank the engaged audiobook community, as well as all of the authors, narrators, and publishers who are contributing to making this gala such a successful and festive celebration each year, says Johannes Larcher, CEO of Storytel.

More than 60 statuettes have been handed out during the six galas this spring, all events hosted by well-known local personalities. This year, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, and Norway all had comedians as gala hosts: Sóli Hólm, Sissela Benn, the trio Mikko Kuustonen, Lina Schiffer, and Fathi Ahmed, and Else Kåss Furuseth. In Denmark, the gala was hosted by actress Ellen Hillgsø, and in the Netherlands/Belgium by author and narrator Donna Vrijhof.

For more information on the winners and the events, visit your local pressroom.


All of the winners of 2024:

Honorary Award: Nils Nordberg
Children and youth: Rolf Magne G Andersen for Kokosbananas og værmaskinen by Rolf Magne G. Andersen
Crime: Dennis Storhøi for Blodmåne by Jo Nesbø
Novel: Kim Haugen for Vinnerne by Fredrik Backman
Non-fiction: Silje Breivik for Ro - Om Sognefjorden og ein lang rotur heim by Sigri Sandberg
Entertainment: Hilde Grythe for Historien om Alice by Kristin Hannah
Author narration: Thomas Seltzer for Amerikansk karmageddon – Tanker om mitt fordømte fedreland 

Novel: Käraste vänner by Katarina Widholm, narrated by Katarina Ewerlöf 
Crime: Slutet var bara början by Anders Nilsson, narrated by Jonas Malmsjö
Feelgood: De fenomenala fruntimren på Grand Hôtel by Ruth Kvarnström-Jones, narrated by Katarina Ewerlöf
Non-fiction: Hur långt är nu? Om cancer, kantstötta kaffekoppar och det eviga hoppet by Jane Oksanen
Children: Förrädaren by IJustWantToBeCool (Emil Beer, Joel Adolphson, Victor Beer) narrated by Emil Beer
Youth: Tusen gånger starkare by Christina Herrström, narrated by Ella Schartner 
Honorary Award: Anders Jacobsson and  Sören Olsson

Non-fiction: Mærket by Charlotte Dalgaard Larsen, Esben Dalgaard and Stine Buje, narrated by Charlotte Dalgaard Larsen and Esben Dalgaard
Children: Far & Papa - Hvad er en flygtning? By Kaspar Arianto and Lambang Arianto, narrated by Kaspar Arianto and Lambang Arianto
Romance: Mod daggry by Pernille Juhl, narrated by Mathilde Eusebius
Crime: Oxen - Pilgrim by Jens Henrik Jensen, narrated by Dan Schlosser
Novel: 11% by Maren Uthaug, narrated by Ellen Hillingsø
Translated fiction: Atlas – Historien om Pa Salt by Lucinda Riley, narrated by Maria Stokholm
New talent: Sara Rahmeh
Pharao Award: Lars Thiesgaard

Novel: Elolliset by Iida Turpeinen, narrated by Markus Bäckman
Crime: Rósa & Björk by Satu Rämö, narrated by Sanna Majuri
Non-fiction: Aleksi Suomesta by Tuomas Kyrö, narrated by Arttu Kurttila, Tuomas Kyrö and Ella Pyhältö
Romance & feelgood: Evelyn Hugon seitsemän aviomiestä by Taylor Jenkins Reid, narrated by Rosanna Kemppi, translated by Inka Parpola
Children and youth: Mun huikea elämä – Mandimai by Mandimai Sundberg, narrated by Mandimai Sundberg

Fiction: Minningarskrínið by Kathryn Hughe, translated by Ingunn Snædal, narrated by: Katla Njálsdóttir, Álfrún Helga Örnólfsdóttir and Helga E. Jónsdóttir
Feelgood: Óbragð by Guðrún Brjánsdóttir, narrated by Arnmundur Ernst Backman
Children: Hanni granni dansari written and narrated by Gunnar Helgason
Non-fiction: Réttarmorð written and narrated by Sigursteinn Másson
Crime: Hungur by Stefán Máni, narrated by Rúnar Freyr Gíslason
Honorary Award: First lady of Iceland, Eliza Jean Reid

The Netherlands and Belgium:
Best audiobook The Netherlands: Ik beloof je dat ik honderd word
Best narrator The Netherlands: Inge Ipenburg
Upcoming talent: Bram van der Heijden
Best Storytel Original: Moordzaken, de verhalen
Best audiobook Belgium: Dit is niet wat er zal gebeuren
Best narrator Belgium: Michaël Pas



Therese Lindström

Head of PR Nordics/Sweden