Becoming Sherlock 2 reel: Listen to the local adaptations of Storytel's new Sherlock Holmes adventure

17 June 2024

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The second installment of the Becoming Sherlock audiobook series is finally about to be released. 
Becoming Sherlock: The Irregulars, is written by the acclaimed thriller author Sarah J Naughton, under the creative direction of the bestselling TV, film, and novel writer Anthony Horowitz.
Becoming Sherlock is released on multiple markets, and exclusively on Storytel.

After the gruesome murder of a successful and wealthy businessman, Sargent Lestrade once again seeks the help of Sherlock Holmes. 
As Watson and Sherlock try to uncover more about Sherlock's past, the traces lead them to a school for gifted children somehow connected to the murder. The trail points to the Irregulars – a group of feral children roaming the streets of southern London. Who are they and where did they come from? Who funded the research at the school? And is the answer to this case also the answer to the big question – who is Sherlock Holmes?

– It was such fun taking some of Doyle's most recognisable characters and moving them into the murky, decadent world of Sherlock and John's future London. The Irregulars explores the very modern issue of genetic engineering and the chilling results when greed overrides ethics. Through John's humanity and Sherlock's brilliance, our heroes attempt to bring the wicked to justice and in the process make some new, rather alarming friends, says Sarah J Naughton.

The first story in the Storytel Original trilogy about the world's most iconic and beloved detective, Becoming Sherlock: The Red Circle, was released on Storytel in December 2023, in twelve languages, and reached the top ten list on most markets. 

Becoming Sherlock is the result of an exclusive agreement that Storytel signed with The Conan Doyle Estate in 2021, allowing Storytel, one of the world’s largest audiobook streaming services, to develop entirely new Sherlock Holmes stories written primarily for the audio format. 

The Irregulars was released on Mofibo in Denmark recently and will be released in Turkey, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Bulgaria and The Netherlands during summer, and in Spain later this year. The English version of the title will be out on June 18.


In the attached reel you can see and hear some of the local adaptations of The Irregulars.

Narrators in order of appearance: 
Alfred Enoch (English)
Johannes Holopainen (Finnish)
Filip Kosior (Polish)
Martin Greis-Rosenthal (Danish)
Martin Wallström (Swedish)
Tim Olivier Somer (Dutch)



Therese Lindström

Head of PR Nordics/Sweden