Valentine’s: People are searching for love on Storytel

14 February 2024

On Valentine’s Day, Storytel listeners are searching for love. Literally, that is. The words “kärlek” (“love” in Swedish) and “romance” appear several times as often on February 14 than on any other day in the search field in the audiobook service. 


Danish and Swedish audiobook listeners are searching for love today. Or, at least for love stories. 

Valentine’s Day is the day when the most number of searches occur for love in Sweden and romance in Denmark in the streaming service’s search engine.

On Storytel Sweden, the word “kärlek” (“love”) is searched more than four times more frequently on Valentine’s Day than during the rest of the year. And on the same day, the Danish customers search for “romance” seven times more often than otherwise.

This according to Storytel’s data comparison on the use of search words during 2023.

In Finland, no particular search words stand out on this particular day. But that doesn’t mean that the Finns don’t long for love stories. Quite the opposite, actually. The curated lists of highlighted titles picked especially for Valentine’s Day are very popular on all three markets – but by far the most viewed in Finland.


Most popular romance on Storytel in Sweden, Denmark and Finland this week*:


1. Under en rosa himmel, Jenny Colgan, narrated by Irene Lindh
2. Glöm mig inte, Liv Almendingen, narrated by Kajsa Linderholm
3.  Det perfekta offret, Nora Roberts, narrated by Anna Maria Käll 


1. Bortførelsen, Laila Brenden, narrated by Maria Garde
2. Vinterroser, Katrine Wessel, narrated by Anne Blomsgård
3. Slået hjem, Karin Heurlin, narrated by Julie Riis


1. Epäluottamus, Aud Midtsund, narrated by Ella Pyhältö
2. Tulevaisuuden toivo, Aud Midtsund, narrated by Ella Pyhältö
3. Varma voittaja, Sara Storm, narrated by Elina Vehkaoja

* Most listened romance titles in the past seven days


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Therese Lindström

Head of PR Nordics/Sweden