Bestseller One day gains new success on Storytel 15 years after the release

9 February 2024

One day, David Nicholls' acclaimed best-selling novel from 2009, is experiencing new successes on Storytel. The story, which follows Dexter and Emma on a specific day each year over twenty years, starting with their university graduation in the summer of 1988, premiered as a series on Netflix earlier this week.
This seems to have resulted in a tremendous demand to listen to the original story.


The audiobook went from being “bookshelved”, that is, placed in the digital bookshelf by Storytel users, occasionally per day in recent years – to hundreds of times per day in the premiere week of the series. 

There is undoubtedly a renewed interest in David Nicholls' 15-year-old novel.

 – This really shows that our customers turn to the catalog for deepening when something captures their interest. This is something we observe, for example, during major news events, when a specific topic goes viral, or when an older title is revitalized in this way. Our backlist is very much alive, and it's exciting to see older titles find a new audience with us, says Helena Gustafsson, Chief Content Officer at Storytel. 

One Day is available in English (narrated by Anna Bentinck), Swedish (narrated by Anders Ekborg), Finnish (narrated by Nina Hukkinen), and Danish (narrated by Louise Herbert) on Storytel in the Nordic countries.



Therese Lindström

Head of PR Nordics/Sweden