Storytel Finland celebrates Sherlock with a murder mystery event

26 January 2024

Storytel Finland arranged a murder mystery event to celebrate the release of the The Red Circle, the long-awaited first part of Storytel’s trilogy Becoming Sherlock. Journalists, influencers and audiobook listeners were invited to a night inspired by the new Sherlock Holmes story.


To celebrate the release of Storytel Original's brand new Sherlock Holmes adventure Becoming Sherlock: The Red Circle, Storytel Finland created a special experience in Helsinki. Guests were invited to a murder mystery event at a venue in Helsinki, set up to reflect the story and the environment of the audiobook. Everyone attending was assigned a role, background story and information their character had on the "murder" that had taken place the night before. 

The Red Circle is set 40 years into the future in London, a city in decay. Pandemics, environmental destruction, war, and chaos have turned the whole society into something reminiscent of the 19th-century London where Sherlock Holmes normally operates.

– The event was a successful and joyful mixture of consumers, influencers and journalists all equally diving into their respective characters. People dressed to impress and questioned the heck out of their suspects. Everyone went home listening to Sherlock on the way, says Noora Kunttu, PR and Event Manager, Storytel Finland.

The Red Circle was released exclusively on Storytel in 11 markets in December. The second part of the series is to be released later this year.



Therese Lindström

Head of PR Nordics/Sweden

Noora Kunttu

PR and Event Manager Finland