17 June 2024

Becoming Sherlock 2 reel: Listen to the local adaptations of Storytel's new Sherlock Holmes adventure

The second installment of the Becoming Sherlock audiobook series is finally about to be released. Becoming Sherlock: The Irregulars, is written by the acclaimed thriller author Sarah J Naughton, under the creative direction of the bestselling TV, film, and novel writer Anthony Horowitz.Becoming Sherlock is released on multiple markets, and exclusively on Storytel.

24 April 2024

Storytel celebrates Sandemo's 100th birthday with an exclusive prequel to The Legend of the Ice People

Margit Sandemo's beloved romance series, The Legend of the Ice People, receives a standalone continuation. Norwegian author Hilde Susan Jægtnes has written a prequel to the bestselling series, exclusively released on Storytel Sweden this summer.The news comes on World Book Day, also the day when Margit Sandemo would have turned 100.

27 March 2024

Authors and narrators celebrated at six Storytel Awards galas

The Storytel Awards season has concluded. Authors and narrators have been celebrated and honored at the galas in Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo, Reykjavik, and Amsterdam. More than 60 statuettes have been awarded to the storytellers behind the stories that moved, informed, and entertained the audiobook listeners the most in 2023.  

27 February 2024

Storytel offers a more personalized audiobook experience – with first class AI narrators

Storytel is launching the Voice Switcher in Sweden – an innovative feature that allows audiobook listeners to switch seamlessly between different narrations. Using new technology, the original human narrator is supplemented by three different first-class AI-generated voices, for the first time optimized for reading fiction.– This launch is more than just a feature. It's a statement of our leadersh...

14 February 2024

Valentine’s: People are searching for love on Storytel

On Valentine’s Day, Storytel listeners are searching for love. Literally, that is. The words “kärlek” (“love” in Swedish) and “romance” appear several times as often on February 14 than on any other day in the search field in the audiobook service.   

9 February 2024

Bestseller One day gains new success on Storytel 15 years after the release

One day, David Nicholls' acclaimed best-selling novel from 2009, is experiencing new successes on Storytel. The story, which follows Dexter and Emma on a specific day each year over twenty years, starting with their university graduation in the summer of 1988, premiered as a series on Netflix earlier this week. This seems to have resulted in a tremendous demand to listen to the original story.  

26 January 2024

Storytel Finland celebrates Sherlock with a murder mystery event

Storytel Finland arranged a murder mystery event to celebrate the release of the The Red Circle, the long-awaited first part of Storytel’s trilogy Becoming Sherlock. Journalists, influencers and audiobook listeners were invited to a night inspired by the new Sherlock Holmes story.  

16 January 2024

The Storytel Awards season is on!

The public voting in the largest popular audiobook prize in the Nordics, the Netherlands and Belgium has started. Audiobook listeners can now start voting for their favorite titles of 2023.  

9 January 2024

#Booktok inspires young audiobook listeners to discover their next story

#Booktok helped guiding Storytel's listeners to their next audiobook experience during 2023. The social media trend, where book lovers share reviews and inspiration, has sparked and interest in literature, especially amongst young readers. And in 2023 Booktok was the most used tag on Storytel in the Nordics.  

6 December 2023

Icelandic Storytel Original Blood Mare nominated to prestigious award

Blood Mare, and Icelandic Storytel Original published this August, has been nominated to the prestigious crime fiction award The Blood Drop.  

29 November 2023

Storytel launches VoiceSwitcher feature

The Storytel VoiceSwitcher has reached its next chapter. In November the initial launch in English was followed by the first AI narration in a local language: Polish. Early next year the feature will be launched in Swedish and Danish.  

22 November 2023 - Last updated 28 November 2023

Storytel releases the first part of a brand new Sherlock Holmes adventure

The world's most iconic and beloved detective is ready for new adventures, in the long-awaited first part of Storytel’s trilogy Becoming Sherlock, The Red Circle.The story takes place in a future where London is decayed. Sherlock Holmes wakes up from unconsciousness to the news of a plane crash with hundreds of victims in the middle of the city. He doesn’t know who he is, but his detection skills ...